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Again: student scam! Ivan, please...

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What's bothering you:
1. Student?
2. Scam?

I think:
1. 96% of work at awards is scam.
2. There is a lot of student work displayed on this site.

I can create a student section, but that won't change the ads, just their categorization.

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Scam Detector
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Honestly, in this section I expect to see work from agencies around world, real advertising. Not scam, not student work.
Work send in with no agency credits is scam by default and should go straight to the forum.
If an agency decides to send in scam including all credits then it's up to them.

Student work should get a separate section. Please do create a student section!


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As well as people like you (and I) that post comments and don't show your own work or say where you work. I search for your nickname on the website and I can't tell how many times you say "student work" in your comments. So your work must be very impressive. Show us please, so we can learn more and increase the quality of adverting in the world.

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Scam Detector
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Once more: This site is called Ads Of The World so I expect to see ads from around the world, no scam, no student work. If I want to see scam I can go to any advertising site, if I want to see brilliant ideas I go to or equivalent, if I want to see student work I can go to various sections on other sites as well.

I prefer to see a crappy ad form Nigeria instead of brilliant scam. I am interested in advertising done in other countries besides what we see at Cannes. I want to see ads from Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Luxembourg, Laos, Qatar, Bahrein, Greece, etc. no matter what their level is.

We can all have good ideas but getting it done is another thing. If students want to get noticed then they should have their own platform. I'm very much for that: Student ads of the world.

If this site is just a throw-together of anyone who is capable of using Photoshop then what is the purpose?

And what has my work got to do with it? I prefer to comment on real work, not scam. So read my comments on real work and judge for yourself if I know what I'm talking about. Up to you.

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Ok, I agree that the idea of a student section might be good.
But I also think that your work (or mine) have everything to do with what you say. It's so easy to criticize things you're not capable of doing better.

This website isn't "Best Ads of the World". I think is important to see all kind of things, good, bad, good ideas with bad execution, perfect ads.

You just named a number of websites on your comment, maybe you just should check them out more often than this one as a solution.

Or maybe Ivan should block comments. I really think that people on this website created the culture of throwing down every ad.

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I agree on showing ads from Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Luxembourg, Laos, Qatar, Bahrain, Greece, etc.

The problem is I hardly get submissions from such countries worth showing. And, when I do regardless how good it is, we get a lot of criticism for showing low quality work.

So, I try to balance your needs to have variety and quality at the same time. Sometime it's hard, but I keep trying. :)

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Scam Detector
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Thanks Ivan, much appreciated.

Too often, I think, that people consider this site as if it is all about awards, or inspiration for their own awards to come.

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Students are some of the most creative innocent minded people on the planet and benefit from a platform like AOTW to display their work, get feedback and get potential employers interested. The comment section means any student that uploads their work has the potential of getting slated and do so at their own risk.

If I don't like a piece of work I press 'next', and I don't get my knickers in a twist.

Your doing a fine job as is Mr.Ivan.

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Guest commenter

kind of clever, i can't tell if i should be offended or laugh at it

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me either, but i do know that the line doesn't quite fit. perhaps something like 'japanese whenever' or along those lines. also, i definitely want to play with those glasses... maybe because they're fun... maybe because they're offensive... maybe because they make offensive (even more) fun.

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or... turning japanese... ?

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john doe
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How is this offensive? Doesn't every person in Japan have eyes like that? What I don't get is why they built the glasses in parts instead of doing the whole thing as a single piece and make it wearable. Missed opportunity. Don't think it's student work but it's certainly not finished.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Guest commenter

very offending

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Guest commenter

id be proud if an asian wanted ti wear eyes from us the east siders, in fact they do perform surgeries to change their oriental looks into occidental, true story... so, why offensive?!

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Guest commenter

Offensive? Suck it up, babies.

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The overall poster layout looks like a Japanese character, does it have meaning?

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I find it offensive and I'm not even japanese.

and what does it have to do with food?

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Guest commenter

I don't think it's offensive, I think it's a very low quality work (student or not).

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Guest commenter
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judges judge

I come from South Korea.
I find this funny.
I want them.
I hate people who see politically uncorrect everywhere.

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Not only is this dangerously close to this...

but so are the comments on this page.

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Guest commenter

US people are such wimps and consider everything offensive.

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I'm one of the creaters of this ad. It is indeed a student work. It has been created a year ago when i just started my second year of advertising at Sint Lukas. This work is not created to be offending in any way. It is extremely funny when western people put these on(check for an example and more explenation). I also do not like people who see politically uncorrect in everything but everyone has the right to their opinion.

I always love tips on how to improve. Thank you for those who already did this.

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Scam Detector
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Hi Ken,
some of my thoughts on this ad. It looks really good but I think it doesn't connect with the brand. You can replace Yo Sushi with anything else Asian. It misses that connection that makes this ad a Yo Sushi ad, it has to say more about the brand than just "Japan Comes to You".
In case the lay out you used also represents a Japanese kanji, as mentioned by someone commenting previously, then I've missed that. But others will miss that too so it goes lost.
This idea would work much better if it was for a big exhibition on what the Japanese have brought to this world; art, technology, trends and food. Or for a book that reveals all that remained hidden for the West about Japan. That way Japan is really coming to you.

All the best with your study.

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Come on , man...

north american hypocrisy...