Safety is always up front

May 2017

Trânsito Amigo - #EuCintoAVida


Since the law of transportation made the use of the belts on the front seat compulsory, this became a habit for Brazilians. Unfortunately, this same habit does not happen when sitting in the back seat. To remind and educate the Brazilian population of the importance of using seat belts also in the back seat Aktuellmix has created an action, where covers were placed in the taxi banks, which simulate the dashboard of the car, and it carries the following message: “If you were in the front seat, you would have your seat belt on by now.”

Direct advertisment created by Aktuellmix, Brazil for Trânsito Amigo, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Aktuellmix, Brazil
Partners: Rodrigo Rivellino, Celio Ashcar Jr
Chief Creative Officer: Fabio Mergulhão
Creative Director: Filipe Chiminazzo
Art Directors: Waldir Rugno Filho, Leandro Calado
Copywriters: Douglas Peroni, Erica Igue
Strategic Planning: Camila Paulucci
Business VP: Mario Medina
Account Manager: Milena Arrabal
Print Production: Rodrigo Merigue, Edlaine Aguiar
RTVC: Edson Rocha Silva
Media: Nathalia Cantalejo
Illustration: Waldir Rugno Filho
Film: Cabeça Amarela

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