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December 2009

The presented gadget – the puzzle – illustrates the main benefits of the Siemens’s new Compact series dishwasher: its flexibility and ability to fit everywhere in any kind of kitchen furniture as well as the fact that it fits perfectly any other appliance from the same series.

Direct advertisment created by MarketShare, Poland for Siemens, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Compact dishwasher. Fits everywhere.

Advertising Agency: MarketShare, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Konrad Świeboda
Art Director: Marta Antończyk
Copywriter: Konrad Świeboda

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atb2005's picture
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This is simply beautiful. Yes, many would say the "puzzle" thing has been done before. It has, but illustrating other points.

CurryJ's picture
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Certainly, the best use of the medium so far, in my opinion.

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Pushkaraj Shirke's picture
Pushkaraj Shirke
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this is a force fit. I've done the same for IKEA furniture - "fit it your way".

atb2005's picture
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I actually don't think that IKEA is as compact as it claims to be.

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not impressive

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FernFlower's picture
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hey man

I've seen your comments on some of the polish stuff and you seem to have problem with everything they do.
what is it? why? some bad experience from childhood?

Phil Lestino's picture
Phil Lestino
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I lubie works perfectly for this product even if it has been done for IKEA

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advertising ninja
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well... this puzzle is about completing a picture, right? i think this wouldve worked if we did complete a picture thanks to the benefit of "fitting everywhere"... but its not the case here.. its just the oven etc shifts around.. so, this idea is halfway there for me.. we are not home.