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May 2015

ReStore Super Glue 3M


Scotch Super Glue 3M is the glue with the higher quality perception in Guatemala, but also the most expensive. It had trouble convincing a 70% of their target; which earn US$500 per month, and make their decisions based on price and not quality. We had to be where that 70% were doing their shopping. Creating the only place impossible to resist to this target. A discount store. Idea: Scotch Super Glue 3m Presents: ReStore. We collected the damaged products from decoration houses that weren't able to sale. And in the most popular mall in the city we opened a store where we sell broken items at the price of a Super Glue pack. Instead of saying how good the product is, we made inevitable to put us to the test.

Direct advertisment created by BBDO, Guatemala for Scotch, within the category: House, Garden.

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Very smart idea! Though if this is a stunt, sales will probably drop again when closed.


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Nice idea.

An axe murderer of ads.

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Cool way to get people to buy the product.