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November 2010

CMW has developed an attention-catching direct campaign for Peugeot’s fleet business (Peugeot Specialist Vehicle Operation – PSVO), targeting its specialist Blue Lights customers, the UK’s emergency services, Police, Fire and Ambulance in response to its recent inclusion in the National Policing Improvement Agency’s awarding preferred supplier status of vehicles and equipment to Peugeot Motor Company. Each emergency service requires specialist converted vehicles, each to highly individual specifications, to ensure that it carries out its duties to the very highest levels. Peugeot is the only manufacturer in the UK which currently offers this specialist service at their HQ, converting vehicles to the greatly differing needs of each emergency service. CMW’s direct mail campaign targeting Peugeot clients and prospects has been designed to communicate Peugeot’s commitment to the emergency services. It aims to show that it provides the highest levels of service and specialist knowledge required for meeting the requirements of this key audience. CMW’s pack is delivered in a large fluorescent yellow material outer with grey reflective band, replicating the high visibility plastic jackets worn by emergency service personnel at night. A plastic pocket holds the delivery address card and on the reverse the words, “who can the emergency services rely on for assistance,” appear on pulling open the flap then reveals the answer ‘Peugeot Professional’. Within the mailer is a full colour brochure with details of Peugeot’s Specialist Vehicle Operation as the one stop-shop for emergency service vehicle conversions. A personalised letter from Louise Brown, national key account manager for specialist fleets, reminds recipients of Peugeot’s specialist skills. A passport style photograph of Louise, attached with a paper-clip completes the personalised communication. A belly band resembling black and yellow emergency services barrier tape holds the letter and brochure together.

Direct advertisment created by CMW, United Kingdom for Peugeot, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: CMW, London, UK
Creative directors: Jamie Bell, Iain Hunter
Art director: Mark Greenwood
Copywriter: Beckie Crum
Production Manager: Helen Llewellyn
Account Directors: Rachel day, Rachel Baars
Account managers: Vanessa Abbott, Fiona Quinn
Designers: Holly Slade, Shaun Rogers, Lee Ashby, John Beard

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Activity Score 41

apparently they think that there's some value on being the official car of the cops. ambulances and firemen, ok. but cops? so uncool.

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