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June 2010

The use of child soldiers is common in many countries. Our client Ohne Rüstung Leben (Life Without Weapons) wanted to raise attention about this problem and to collect more donations.

Creative Execution: For all adult German males the military draft notice is a dramatic experience. In this letter, they are ordered to serve in the army. Everyone knows the specific look of the letter – we designed our mailing in this typical style. So it raises attention – even before the letter is opened. The fact, that the own young children of our target group are ordered to perform military service, guarantees a very emotional effect and a high involvement for the problem.

Creative Solution: When young German males become adult, they get a letter to serve in the German army.

Our idea: Original looking military draft notices are being sent out to families with small children (8-14 years, selected by an address provider). The children are ordered to perform military service, including suicide missions and rapes.

Our message: Unthinkable in Germany. Reality in other countries. Help us stop the use of child soldiers – with your donation. Ohne Rüstung Leben e.V.,
Describe the results in as much detail as possible. Our direct mailing has been sent to approx.14.000 German households of our target group (families with small children). 855 of these people (6.1%) decided to donate, overall approx. 5,300 Euro. Furthermore 95 people decided to join the organisation Ohne Rüstung Leben e.V. (no membership fee).

Direct advertisment created by Jung von Matt, Germany for Ohne Rüstung Leben, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Philipp Barth, Holger Oehrlich
Art Director: Stephanie Wiehle
Designer: Nana Poehner
Copywriters: Lars Wagner, Matthias Hess, Carola Beck, Jens Frank
Account Supervisors: Susanne Vanselow, Lisa Daugs, Denise Winter
Agency Producer: Anja Geib
Editor: Robert Jedam

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This is freaking unbelievable. My idea of 'the line' is very liberal, but this just about crosses it.

So effective, though.

Great work - especially on the client's side for taking such a risk.

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military in germany is like kindergarten!

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another award fake.. don't be fooled

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Benjamin Viethen
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