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November 2008

Direct advertisment created by Martin Williams, United States for Not for sale, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

They were selling the American dream. And I bought it. They said I would live with a nice family in New Jersey. That I would go to school and help take care of their kids. Instead, I was kept in a room with 5 other girls. And sold for sex to anyone who would pay. I should have known better than to believe what they said. My grandmother went to Auschwitz. They said she was going to take a shower.

Advertising Agency: Martin|Williams, Minneapolis, USA
Executive Creative Director: Tom Moudry
Creative Directors: Jim Henderson, Lyle Wedemeyer
Art Director: Toby Balai
Copywriter: Chris Gault
Photographer: Joel Sheagren

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Good job Chris, Toby…

Art Director FP7 Morocco

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terrible MW blooooooowzzzz

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Hard hitting....fucking brilliant!!!

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Wow. NIce job guys.

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very good. The "auschwitz" part seems coming from nowhere and injustified though...

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e. europe is a hotbed for modern slavery. many from the same areas were exterminated during ww II.

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e. europe is a hotbed for modern slavery. many from the same areas where jews were exterminated during ww II.

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This is the power of advertising.
It touches lives.
Having said that, this campaign packs a punch. Or more.

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It's way out! I love it. Every piece. I hope we never need to campaign against slavery again.

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The last part was unnecessary.

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I liked this a lot but agree that the part about Auschwitz was unnecessary and deflects focus from her individual plight...

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Slavery of one form or another is part of the conditioning required for an individual to succeed in the unregulated vulture capitalist corporation controlled world. It reduces the normally arrogant human spirit to a point where the individual will accept crass materialism, a hand full of baubles, and an unfounded sense of entitlement over all else, and makes the person more susceptible to the propaganda of commercial advertising. A generation or two of slavery produces a "broken horse", from a wild one, a human that can easily be controlled, guided, used, conditioned, soldierized, or otherwise profitably exploited by the capitalist society. Poor treatment for a generation or two after slavery helps develop the will to do more, get more, gain more, and a hunger for achievement like no other process, motivation, if you will. Slavery, the more degrading forms in particular, fills the human soul with the will to stand upright and do better. Slavery is a necessary step towards the progress of humanity. Folks who have not experienced slavery, social castigation, poor treatment, extreme poverty, social disenfranchisement, rejection, hatred, prejudice , racial, religious, or ethnic dissociation, soon become fat, indolent, lifeless jellyfish, and fall to the back of the line, to be recycled by Mother Nature's built in conditioning process of selection for the fittest for survival. We have gotten away from our agricultural background, and a time when every farm boy knew well of this process and admired it for its effectiveness in producing a group of like-minded peers. It is why we have hazings, where buggy whips came from, a base for military training we call boot camp, the core of the school examination system and the gateway to civilized man and his way of life! The rule of "Peck" or pecking order is based here, and even religious membership and final acceptance to a given group depends on a "trial" period. Slavery is not bad, it is a necessary step of conditioning for the human soul to enter any larger group, always was, always will be - part of the human condition.