June 2015

Direct advertisment created by DDB, Denmark for McDonald's, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency / Idea: Tribal Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative VP DDB Group: Hernan Jauregui
General Creative Director: Walter Ioli
Account Director: Sebastian Zuddio
Creative Directors: Leo Orsolini, Juan Calvo
Account Supervisor: Gonzalo Semperena
Digital PR Manager: Florencia Lujani
Social Media Manager: Gabriela Fernandez Sanchez
Advertising Agency / Execution: DDB, Copenhagen, Denmark
Client Services Director: Thomas Sonberg
Art Director: Kasper Dohlmann
Copywriter: Clara Therese Prior-Knock
Final Artwork: Dorthe Gerhard
Account Manager: Katja Thorhauge

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halaby87's picture
Activity Score 9585

Nice but did they say healthier lifestyle

Noswadizzle's picture
Activity Score 486

Nice idea, but I don’t like the design of the carryout package though. It will rock back and forth and the cup looks like it will hit the tire. Practical application is not as good as the idea.


Trista Luo's picture
Trista Luo
Activity Score 6

i am worrying that the the carryout package will hit on the floor when people riding in a high speed...

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 45966

I want one..

halaby87's picture
Activity Score 9585

Nice but did they say healthier lifestyle

Arkadiusz's picture
Activity Score 1275

I thought the same :)

Anna Turkiewicz Advertising Agency
imagination powered by knowledge

Dzsoi's picture
Activity Score 8440

Same here. All these efforts just don't look honest as long as they sell what they sell (I am not talking about hamburgers but the quality of hamburgers).

Roy Maghzal's picture
Roy Maghzal
Activity Score 64

Very nice idea

gringosanti's picture
Activity Score 195

It´s a copy!

Es exactamente igual a esto que ya hicieron en 2013.

Encima lo inscriben en Cannes de este año como algo innovador y llega a ser shortlist. Vergüenza!
Pero peor hubiese sido si ganaba algo.