March 2009

Direct advertisment created by Duval Guillaume, Belgium for Green, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Without water, knowledge can't flow.

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Antwerp, Belgium
Creative Director: Geoffrey Hantson
Art Director: Gilles de Boncourt
Copywriter: Eric Becker

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waste of water in my eyes... sry

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Doesn't this seem to defeat the purpose of the message, wasting water to promote the value of it?

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short shorts
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So true. If anything, it should have informed people about how wasteful it was to reveal the rest of the messaging.

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this is a good suggestion , would have made it impactful and possibly a winner.

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And we need to waste a lot of water to read the message about water protection!

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yes. waste of water!...pls dont kill dogs 4 awards!

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Combien de litres d'eau doivent être gaspillés pour pouvoir lire ce message sur la conservation de l'eau?

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john ler
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lol !

And in 2 different languages !
How nice it is to be a guest ;)

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jajaja, muy malo.. "no malgastes agua, solo unos litros para leer este mensaje..." el siguiente....

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It's too gimmicky. Apart from the points raised above, it doesn't make people realise just how important water is because it is just so readily available to them.

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be water, my friend

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Nobody would be bothered to do all that stuff.......straight into the recycling bin

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"c de l'humour Belge)))))))

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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hey geoffrey and gillies, good execution guys, just curious to know, whats the printing technique...????

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if each company received this letter and west at lest 3 liters of water its mad if 1000 companies does .. i wish this well never cross the agency building .. no good

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pfff 'proving that water really is the source of all knowledge.' - haha.

wasting water for world water day. that's genius, guys! send this a million times to africa and it's perfect.

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que mal! un gasto inútil de agua

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I would agree on the resource waste.

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This is an AlGore of an idea!!!!

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this no good, it waste water, no, no good.

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porqué los publicitarios son tan idiotas!
si han de criticar tanto, hagan cosas q valgan la pena, cosas nuevas, la critica criticona esta bien pero es mejor cuando tenes los aRgumentos y la calidad de hacer mejor lo que criticas... a la gente le importa un premio?, a la gente le importa el comercial q estan pasando en la tele? noooo la gente acude a los medios para entretenerse, no para ver la comunicacion q se hace, la publicidad definitivamente es para publicistas, pues son los unicos q la critica, la comunicacion es exitosa cuando mueve o incentiva a la compra, independiente de la idea o la grafica.... publicitarios, no sean tan falsos, idiotas e ilusos....
entre ellos me incluyo, no por lo idiota, mas si por lo publicitario...
si queres hacer el cambio hacelo primero en tu cabeza, si sos distinto y creativo como pensas que sos....


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I don't think that the problem with this is the waste of water, but the fact that people probably won't spend their time finding out what is the secret message. I think is a clever concept and I like the copywriting, but just few people will see it at the end, and won't reach most of the target.


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waste of water.......... bad concept

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it gives me a msg to waste water on water day.....bad concept.

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Shamail Khadija
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no doubt the media is excellent, but using this kind of media for world water day? what a waste? are they trying to show how to waste water on this day? sorry it's not working for me.

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me gusta el recurso, pero no era para esta pieza, es contradictorio.

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que peça absurda.

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Totalmente contraditório, NÃO FAZ sentido.

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