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July 2013

CIF Nostalgia Campaign


Cif wanted to introduce a campaign based on the concept of nostalgia. And it

On our part, we created a Cif timeline, starting from 1985, the year when it entered Turkey, up until present day. We designed this timeline on a cardboard band, placing hallmark Cif products on it and incorporating Cif's nostalgic commercial music. We produced music boxes of old times that would play the commercial music. We adjusted the cardboard band according to the notes of the commercial music and put the band into the music box. As the music box plays, the journey into the time with Cif has begun.

The nostalgia package has been delivered to our most active users on Facebook page and bloggers. This is the story of the nostalgic way by which Cif nostalgia campaign was announced.

Direct advertisment created by Havas, Turkey for Cif, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Project House HAVAS, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Cabbar Cem Ozdemir
Creative Group Head: Onur Guvener
Brand Director: Burcak Arzova
Brand Manager: Begum Akın
Art Directors: Caner Ergur, Tuncay Yılmaz
Copywriter: Tulip Gunkut
Graphic Designer: Basak Cansın Ersoz
Social Media Specialist: Birol Ecevit

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Cute gift idea.

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cool idea!

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they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Cute gift idea.