Smokers' survey

December 2008

Smoking does more than what meets your eyes. Quit now.

Direct advertisment created by Grey, India for Cancer Patients Aid Association, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Grey Worldwide India, New Delhi
Copywriter: Anu Gulati
Art Director: Manoj Deb
Creative Directors: Manoj Deb

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vinoth's picture
Activity Score 48

i agree with you... good in terms of creativity and doubtful in terms of effectiveness...

truecopy's picture
Activity Score 399

Nice work guys. Congratulations.

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

pretty good's picture
pretty good
Activity Score 364

Wow. I can see this being really affective. Very nice.

Olafski001's picture
Activity Score 1193

i allready feel bad and i didn't even fill it out for real
effective shit

puppiepoppy's picture
Activity Score 1634

Is this staged at the agency? Grey (or G2 in certain countries) do cigarette account. Niceeee.

adsthinker's picture
Activity Score 119

hoho, it works!! Brilliant!!

Vicomte's picture
Activity Score 287

I love it. Really great

JFDreamer's picture
Activity Score 176

Feels effective.

I have one question, I used to work for Grey for a couple of years and we had tobacco clients. Kinda strange Grey made this if they work with cigarettes all around the world. My comment is not ment to question rather this action is real or not, just to know how they could manage to do it.

puppiepoppy's picture
Activity Score 1634

I think the photographs were taken in the agency. :) The idea never sees the real smokers. Probably. How can they be creating anti-tobacco work while back in their studios, they are churning out POS stuffs to sells cigarettes? Just don't make sense...except in the award judging room.

deadlinecanwait's picture
Activity Score 109

Well, i dont think so ….Anyways its a good piece of work and fresh idea… and i think a winner.congrats!

conan o brien's picture
conan o brien
Activity Score 90


StarlaY's picture
Activity Score 310

that's a great idea! congrats guys...

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” Picasso.

drunk dave's picture
drunk dave
Activity Score 1066

one of grey's biggest accounts is lucky strike... ha ha , i love this game.

Jet Lee's picture
Jet Lee
Activity Score 127

and DUNHILL. haha.

Great idea though. Love it.

capywriter's picture
Activity Score 5509

Super idea... very confronting

t_m's picture
Activity Score 6

great insight makes it stand out!!

sonucoues2002's picture
Activity Score 804

some one says In AOW tht indian copy the ideas
now how abt this guys

fundoo idea

tanmay's picture
Activity Score 91

Don't worry about people generalizing Indian work. In life you'll always meet assholes.

chintan ruparel's picture
chintan ruparel
Activity Score 1516

wish i'd thought of this...*sigh*

gr8 idea!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

nextt's picture
Activity Score 33

No doubt this is a "smart advertising idea". But I'm a smoker. In real life, if I get played like this, I might laugh, but no way is the message gonna hit home anymore than the myriad "scare tactics" anti-smoking ads out there. Creative? Very. Effective to actual target market? Doubtful.

vinoth's picture
Activity Score 48

i agree with you... good in terms of creativity and doubtful in terms of effectiveness...

Guest's picture

well,,,that's really great!!
it can help to inform other that they will know!!
and probably,,,to be able for them to quit on it.....

raavigeorgian's picture
Activity Score 2444

good job Grey New Delhi...keep them coming