January 2009

Digital advertisment created by TBWA, Germany for TBWA, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\ Duesseldorf GmbH, Germany
Creative Directors: Kai Röffen, Fabian Kirner
Art Directors: Sebastian Schnell, André Heinrichs
Copywriter: Tobias Feige, Michael Manke
Other additional credits: Pirates´n Paradise, 3Klang, Nicola Brown (V/O)

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andrej dwin's picture
andrej dwin
Activity Score 937

cool idea. simple, practically zero costs and nice results.
but they might have added in the video how they found the people to tag in the photos. guess they hooked up with everyone in a local ad school group on FB, but would love to hear the whole story from them.

AdArena: Sex Sells

Guest's picture

this ideay is very boring for a creative ad agency - i wouldnt apply

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cool story!

Guest's picture

stupid. I would never want to work for them.

Rabubi's picture
Activity Score 560

i enjoyed the honesty of the results. 42 people came back to them. Just 42. But that's ok.

alexander_bickov's picture
Activity Score 3279

I love facebook apps

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Brilliant! I never thought there was a way to get unemployed ad creatives to apply for a job in a recession. Great job guys!

Guest's picture

LOL!!!! GOLD!!! Fuck I love the sarcasm on this site, makes my work day much more fun reading the harsh comments from wiity pricks.

Guest's picture

"This it how it works". Typos. Very professional.

Ad_Man's picture
Activity Score 826

Good one, man.
Also i would like to know how many people they really tagged.

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

Guest's picture

What about the other 36??? I love the advertising logic

Guest's picture

great an agency that does picture tagging spam...i appreciate that they tried to innovate but this is a spam tactic

everartz's picture
Activity Score 7609

its not as good as it has to offer... coz TBWA cant take all those who apply for work so it'll be so disappointing for a big slice

| everartz |

Senhora Kolossa's picture
Senhora Kolossa
Activity Score 483

this is bad. please dont post more work.
thank you.

jonybeta's picture
Activity Score 364

Very nice! love it.

Jonathan Betancur

Guest's picture

I'm just amazed, and impressed, that any ad agency these days is able to employ any new people at all. For that alone, I say, well done. Und viel spass!

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interesting idea gud wrk.........

Guest's picture

So boring I want to weep.

shahidali's picture
Activity Score 4069

TBWA, ur HR team have possibly played your last card. how will u recruit next year?


she_kai's picture
Activity Score 221

this ad is created by HR department

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i love it.

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Any network agency in Germany that actually recognises a potential in social networking platforms, or online work in general, should be commended.

philzimt's picture
Activity Score 7

Welcome to Fantasialand.

Sorry guys,
but more than anything else, this ad shows that the creatives who faked it had no idea at all of Social Media:
on Facebook you can only tag people that you have already befriended.

But let's say, they where friends on Facebook.
Why would they write an expensive FB App, to get their 42 friends to apply for a job?
Especially, when they where interested in only six of them, which they could have easily contacted directly, hum?

MateoLaMenace's picture
Activity Score 7

Your comment is the best.
Congrat, i Love it
@ everybody, just read philzimt comment, that's not a jalous crap like "this is shit", I hate this"

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