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June 2009

Have a look: has elements that will appeal to all types of visitors—no matter their shade of green. Fun, interactive games and animated educational videos clearly explain the issues in layman’s terms.

Measure Your Footprint
At, visitors can find a detailed yet user-friendly carbon calculator and best practices to live with greater efficiency and sustainability in mind. Through these tools, can help answer common questions about energy, such as:
What is a carbon offset? Do they work?
How can I offset the energy used by my company?
How can I reduce my personal carbon footprint?

Then, Make Your Footprint Smaller
Education is just the first step toward a reduced carbon footprint. also helps consumers and businesses take concrete action in the form of:
Tax-deductible carbon offsets
An emissions tracker, enabling users to track the growth/reduction of their carbon footprints over time
A downloadable worksheet designed to help businesses assess their corporate carbon footprint

Invest in a Greener Future
All purchases made at are invested in the development of new sources of renewable energy, watershed restoration and energy education
All of the renewable energy sources funded by offsets are endorsed by three leading environmental organizations, including The Natural Resources Defense Council, and are certified by Green-e Climate, one of the nation’s leading independent certifiers of carbon offsets.

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