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March 2011

Super Slow-Motion Motion


Digital advertisment created by The Viral Factory, United States for Samsung, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: The Viral Factory, USA
Director: Jake Lunt
Producer: Jon Stopp
Producer: Nick Bolger
Editor: Owen Oppenheimer
Edit House: The Quarry London
Grade: Ricky Gausis
Online: Frasier Celland
Post Production: MPC London
Audio Design & Mix: Tristin Norwell
Music: Audio Network

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Hiperion's picture
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I don´t understand anything.

Dingleberry Jack's picture
Dingleberry Jack
Activity Score 246

It's probably some artsy fartsy project ... - not to be understood by us mortals.
Oh, and Samsung gave them free stuff to be even more artsy and urban.

TommyO's picture
Activity Score 1866

That's a long day without a lunch break for the poor dancers.

desailly's picture
Activity Score 470

Perhaps I'm missing what it has to do with the phone. I'm also thinking that this sounded great in principle but looks kinda crap in practice.

One more thing, which has nothing in particular to do with this execution, but more everything to do with the comms for this whole sector. If I see one more hip, skinny young thing in hip, skinny young jeans trying to sell me a hip, skinny little smartphone, I'm going to track down the creative that came up with the idea and stick hot needles under their toenails.

That is all. And yes, I am over 30. How did you guess?

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Probably someone from Viral Factory can explain. I don't get it either.

From me,

Hobbez's picture
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Fun for me to watch, because I like this sort of thing. Probably was fun to do even without lunch.

Not sure what I am supposed to be taking away from it. To me, it looked like they were using iPhones to synchronize. (Might have been some other type of fancy phone but won't be able to be sure unless I decide to watch it again)

Maybe its a flashmob synchronization app add? At any rate, I don't know who paid for this, and it doesn't have enough awesome for me to do more digging to find out.