May 2014

Titcoins by Pornhub


Introducing Titcoins, the world’s most beloved and safest currency. A whole new market, perfect for offline and online businesses such as nightclubs, college bars, jukeboxes, vending machines, online stores… it may have no limits.
The campaign will include a pilot program in Las Vegas, New Orlean's Mardi Gras, spring break parties and music festivals.
Because banks can take our money, our businesses or even our homes. But they will never take our love for titties.

Digital advertisment created by La Despensa, Spain for PornHub, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: La Despensa, Madrid, Spain
Creative Director: Luis Monroy
Art Director: Alex Katz
Copywriter: Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño
Animator: Sr. Gordo

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I dont see why people are hating? It's their own choice :)

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Great promotion. Do these sites need advertising?

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aditya kripalani

I think it would absolutely fine to have stuff like this in a world where women were at least 90% safe. In a patriarchy in so many instances, something that is proposed as fun can go wrong or end up being not so fun. So, not a big fan of this campaign.

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I kinda agree with you.

An axe murderer of ads.

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This is simply disgusting.

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Is nobody shocked that this titcoin thing makes you PAY with your BODY??! Your body should never be a currency device. I am really shocked here.

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"money doesnt grow on trees, it grows on tits". whats wrong with you

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This can't be true...

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Tom Megginson
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I assumed it was spec when I first saw it. Can anyone confirm brand involvement?

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NOW this is wild idea.

Tom Megginson's picture
Tom Megginson
Activity Score 548

Not really. More of the same old crap. "Hey, look! Tits! Women have tits! Now that I have your attention..."

Some Creatives need to get out more.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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This is pure genius....and it's also disgusting...but genius...

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I guess a 8-year-old boy came up with it and somehow persuaded an adult to give his voice to it.
I mean...really?? Girl and woman will flash their boobs in public places to be photoshooted and uploaded to the net for a beer?
Have you ever actually met a female in real life? Not on pornhub where you should have clicked on "I am under 18." in the first place. Jesus.

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I dont see why people are hating? It's their own choice :)