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I must say i envy the creatives that have a chance to make virals. Not bad ;)

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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Pretty cool. I've seen the one with the kitesurfer, captured by the landing plane, also nice!

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i think those guys are also responsible for

which has got to be one of the best virals ever...

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Ever since Playstation did teenage boys doing doing crazy things (Ratchet and Clank), it became a trend. But that was almost 3 years ago. Teenage boys doing teenage tricks for no absolute reason followed by a message like 'friendship is overrated' that further TRIES to connect to something about no bullshit, no sugar, is such a far can tell the creatives had a prank/effect they wanted to do and tried to figure out a place to do it. Friends being overrated doesn't connect with the proposition of no sugar, no bullshit at all, at least not clearly. But that's just me.

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*&%# mate (sakibafridi) you don't have to say "But that's just me." You're absolutely right on!!! How does "no bullshit, no sugar" connect to this in a clear and concise manner? If someone can make me understand, hell, take a dip...

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saw this on youtube over a year ago. the quality was much choppier and raw though, which was a lot better. it made it seem more real. this now seems too produced and fake. they should have left it crappy.


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Oh the golden age, when all crap was considered manna.