May 2011

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Over the years, the advertising industry has produced hundreds of commercials featuring real great apes. Advertisers were unaware of the terrible ordeal the animals endured in order to end up in front of the camera.

Great apes used in advertising are taken from their mothers shortly after birth, causing irreparable psychological harm. They are physically and psychologically abused during training to ensure that they will perform confusing, unnatural behaviors on cue. By the time apes reach approximately 8 years of age, they are too strong to be safely handled and are often discarded at wretched roadside zoos or other substandard facilities. Apes can live to be 60, so life after "retirement" from show business often means decades spent in appalling conditions.

Unfortunately, we can't change the past, but we can prevent the suffering of other great apes by leaving them out of advertisements.

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i doubt its even an looks like its done on some movie maker..nevertheless..its good..

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Guilherme Ruano...
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P.E.T.A. People Eating Tasty Animals.

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"This autocorrect text has been implemented on thousands of computers throughout global agency networks to raise awareness."

How, exactly?

The aim is a noble one. The implementation is clumsy though. I'm guessing the only people who can implement this change are SysAdmins, and then only with the permission of an agency head. If you already have the backing of an agency head, they would surely not be using apes in any case. If you don't have their greenlight, then this is only implemented manually per computer. By people who are already behind the cause.

Not trying to pick holes in the idea that aren't already there. I just think you're not being completely transparent about how this works, or if it works at all.

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I agree with that.

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PETA: did you ever consider, when targeting advertisers in their work, urging them to change, that you were targeting people whose profession is to affect change in others?

Copywriters, specifically, are often pigheaded egotists and detailfreaks, immunised against fey emotional attempts at coercion by plain fact of their using precisely those tactics as part of their daily advertising arsenal.

I applaud your attempts at bringing this to the attention of the advertising community. But I have to say that you haven't really done a good job in doing so. You're directly addressing quite likely the toughest audience in the world, and you didn't even think to try doing so by appealing to the Creative Ego.

So set up a global competition. Call the creatives out. Ask us to come up with the best campaign idea against this. Use us against each other: I think you'll find the gorgon is easier defeated when you set snake against snake.

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BS. Fake fake fake fake.

This is either something that people would have to WANT to have on their computers and willingly INSTALL themselves (and why, exactly, would they possibly want that?). Or it's a VIRUS, which would be illegal and, ironically, unethical.

All this is a concept. Period. And a bad one at that. Because real "ads" need to work in the real world. This doesn't.

And this better not win any fucking awards, but it probably will because it seems like it's being pushed quite hard. I've seen it several places now. As an industry we should be vigilant against this type of bullshit. It's ultimately very, very dangerous, because the stoned idiots that came up with this 1) win awards, 2) get better jobs, 3) become your boss, 4) lose the accounts that pay your agency's electric bill, and 5) cause massive layoffs, affecting real people's lives, and families.

Shame, because PETA could be a great client. They really will run pretty much anything. So why cheat?


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Sirvan, I can see your worries on this, but take a look at the website. If they're faking this, do you think they've faked Angelica Houston too?

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fake fake

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Good one...

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Has anyone considered that this was never meant to be on computers used in ad agencies? That the intention was to use it on THIS website, where the target frequents and get us to talk about it. Plus it's a free media buy. If that's the thinking behind it, then that's pretty smart.

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Hey guys, this is a real case study.
It has been implemented on every computer at BBDO NY through the IT department, approved by Lubars and Andrew.
Ask your friends (if you have any working in such a good agency).
Also, this is a great idea!

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