Give It a Ponder

February 2010

It’s the first time ever that facial recognition technology has been combined with an animated video chat effect. The LG video chat plug-in lets anyone grow a beard, perfect for pondering. In just 30 seconds, people can surprise their friends by going from a bare faced teen to a lushly-bearded man. Or woman. Teens can grow a realistic-looking beard that tracks with the movements of their face. A pop-up message appears directing their friends to The app is posted on the website and is made to work with common video chat software like AIM and ichat.

LG’s “Give It a Ponder” campaign is designed to educate teens on the dangers of mobile bullying and texting inappropriate photos. With the help of James Lipton and his beard, the campaign taught impulsive teens to stop and give it a ponder before they text, using an iconic symbol of thinking: stroking a beard.

Executive Director of Content Production: Lora Schulson, Nathy Aviram

Digital advertisment created by DiGennaro, United States for LG, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

You can download the app here:
Advertising Agency: DiGennaro Communications, New York, USA
CCO: Ian Reichenthal, Scott Vitrone
Global CD: Darren Moran
ACD: John Battle, Jeff Blouin
Art Director: Alexander Nowak
Copywriter: Felix Richter
Executive Producer: Alex Gianni
Assistant Producer: Tamara Lecker
Group Creative Director: Mike Wente, VM
Group Technical Director: Martin Coady, VML
Flash Developer: Marc Brown, VML
Application Development: Julien Dufrenne
Application Development: Art Shectman, Elephant Ventures
Application Development: Matt Grippo, Elephant Ventures
CG Artist: Kevin Ives, The Mill

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alejulimaty's picture
Activity Score 842

i like it, it´s fun

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Activity Score 2374

don't like the idea

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Activity Score 1266

Probably because you're not the TG.

How about elaborating your criticism next time?

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Activity Score 3736

This is not by cup of tea ad.

Simple ideas are the best !

alejulimaty's picture
Activity Score 842

i like it, it´s fun

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Activity Score 1804

i like to see this kind of stuff with new technologies applying to communication and user experience...
i experienced it and it's quite fun i think...

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clayology com
Activity Score 245

Frankly did not appeal to me to a great extent...sorry!!!

Ads u create needs Attention!!