The Panda Collection

January 2016

The Panda Collection


Using the power of social media, Gucci and Fur for Animals will trick the world into caring. Gucci will tell the world they’re selling a new fashion line made from real Panda fur, knowing the world will go crazy, only to reveal 3 weeks later that it was all a sham—the Panda Collection was made from artificial fur, and from now on, so would all of Gucci’s other products as well. Gucci and Fur for Animals made people realize how cruel fur really is.

Digital advertisment created by Miami Ad School, United States for Gucci, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, New York, USA
Creative Director: Colby Spear
Art Director: Kien Quan
Copywriters: Jon Gruber, Naila Costa

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