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Love all those credits. You missed the poor intern out :)

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...I would also like to thank that pretty girl behind the counter at Starbucks... she always got my Mocca Latte Caramel Machiatto just right!

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What a dismal company. The Fourth Meal? Yet "another" scheme cooked up by Taco Bell to try and differentiate themselves from other competitors in the fast food industry. What's the brand essence of a "fourth meal" got to do with choosing Taco Bell over one of their competitors? Their campaign (via this microsite - and elsewhere?) is just ANOTHER irrelevant move to establish their long-lost brand identity. Has anyone seen a spicy-yappy chihuahua in their daily dose of advertising lately? Funny - neither have I. They should kill this campaign just like they killed off their previous "mascot", before they do more harm to their brand than they have already (if that's possible).

original doodles + creative sweat =

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Ok, the composition looks kind of odd. I like the background though.

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Good idea, well done

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that Kevin Butler is a friggin genius.