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December 2010

Life as a student can be harsh. But it gets a little better if you apply for housing assistance from Försäkringskassan, the organisation that runs the Swedish national health insurance system. To reach the target group, we communicated on student apartement sites and bulletin boards. And in order to reach out to those most in need of a little financial support, we put out objects only they could possibly be interested in.

Digital advertisment created by Garbergs, Sweden for Försäkringskassan, within the category: Finance.

Characterful studio flat with no electricity or water
Studio flat with entrance through toilet
Studio flat, some lack of floor
Small studio flat, faint whiff off old bloke
Short on cash? Apply for house benefit at

Advertising Agency: Garbergs, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Petter Ödéen
Art Director: Sebastian Smedberg
Copywriter: Johanna Reis

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