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June 2010

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Lifestyle brand Emily the Strange has pitched itself headlong into the Be Yourself Movement, an italian artistic movement against visual establishment. Encouraging its fans and all people to be themselves and be free about expression, the Be Yourself Website features a cityscape dotted with blank billboards and advert spaces that visitors can graffiti however they like, using the tools provided: by saving them, banners user generated, go online in the planned website network!

Digital advertisment created by Soolid, Italy for EmilyTheStrange, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Soolid, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Creative Director: Alberto Alberti
Art Director: Luca Zamoc
Senior Web Developer: Pietro Cottafavi
Video: Francesco Giannini

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How are you being yourself when you're spray painting on billboards, which has been done for decades by pseudo-hip art students who themselves think they're doing something original? Seriously, be yourself and do something other than graffiti.

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The website with online campaign and ug ads ( looks great

Not sure about this "cultural jammin" movement...

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