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February 2012

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Over a year has passed since the beginning of protests in Middle East and North Africa, and severe human rights abuse still endures. There is no respect for freedom of speech. Protesters are being censored by their governments. Internet access is being blocked in these countries. And without words, there can be no revolution. Therefore, to mark a Global Day of Action on Revolutions in Middle East and North Africa, Amnesty International Portugal is giving these protesters a voice, setting their words free and amplifying their message through social media networks. We're launching the Freedom Dictionary project, a collective dictionary that holds 155 thousand words. These words will be set free by people, through the internet.

To take part in this project, just go to, choose a word and share using social media networks. The chosen word will bear the name of the person who

Digital advertisment created by Torke, Portugal for Amnesty International, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Torke, Lisbon, Portugal
Chief Creative Officer: André Rabanea
Digital Production Company: Wiz Interactive
Creative Directors: Nuno ‘Ninja’ Mendes, Frederico Roberto
Creative Supervisor: Bob Ferraz
Copywriter: Bob Ferraz
Art Directors: José Sobral, Rui Pica
Art Assistant: Joana Mateus
Developer: Luís Dias
Creative Project Managers: Pedro Patrício, Frederico Ferreira
Editor: Tiago Soares
Music: Kaazim Zareb, Tareeq Sahraawee

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Activity Score 680

So many campaigns these days have case study videos that take too long to get to the point.

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This is great!

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Activity Score 1926

too academic!

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Am not sure how that will help the people in that countries!! what this book will ad to the Syrian people whom till today are getting killed!!

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I agree.