The Pumpkin and the Pantsuit

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January 2017

"The Pumpkin and the Pansuit" Book Trailer


Advertising agency barrettSF and the Studio have branched into the book business with “The Pumpkin and the Pantsuit,” a children’s storybook that is available on Amazon for $12 and at independent booksellers in select markets. Amazon is also the publisher. All proceeds will go to the Children’s Defense Fund.

A true story and cautionary tale of two big personalities who run against each other for the highest public office in the land (Spoiler Alert! The bullying Pumpkin wins) and the different ways they go about competing for the same prize.

“On election night, Van Jones posed the question, ‘how do we explain this election to our kids?’ That resonated with us. The goal of this book is to teach kids (and remind the rest of us) that losing is only losing if you give up,” said Todd Eisner, co-author and creative director at barrettSF.

The story is brought to life by the STUDIO, a New York-based visual communications company. Their vivid illustrations include caricatures of the 2016 presidential candidates and some of their most ardent celebrity supporters. Donald Trump is portrayed as a bloated orange pumpkin head with angry yellow straw projecting from its pate and brows. Hillary Clinton is represented by a powder-blue pantsuit.

Content advertisment created by BarrettSF, United States for Children's Defense Fund, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

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Thanks! Added it to the post.

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Do we have more here than just the one image??

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Hey! I was one of the illustrators for this book (from the STUDIO), for more images from the book you can watch this BOOK TRAILER:

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Thanks! Added it to the post.

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