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This is looks more like salmon.
And why is there an exact same project posted here but not from the same agency ? who did it first?

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Thanks! I fixed the title.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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don't get you stigset...these 3 are all from grey...

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Personally, I think some bloke from McCann Singapore and Grey Beijing saw an idea somewhere (the WWW is full of goodies!) and each of them decided to do up the work, find a client (or a groceries shop) and submit them for the awards.

Somehow, each agencies get a got won something in One Show, the other at the recent Cannes.

Maybe Grey Beijing produced the work first, then follow (or copied) by McCann....since Cannes Call4Entry was kinda late.

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thanks! saw all of them...another thing in common...done for award purposes...

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which win the one show? done by Mccann or done by China Beijing?


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I've checked the One Show seems this campaign is by Grey Beijing. It looks better, at least they really spend the effort doing the execution really refine.

The McCann's campaign looked badly done...look at those so called 'cookbook' that they mocked up. In consistence title and out of focus book. Yucks!

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Gran ejecución. Recordable y con impacto.

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