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this is pretty sweet, especially with the crowd, it must've gotten tons of feedback.

... its already been done...

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Jeff Ng
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Interesting! and a nice place to do so.

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God can see.

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Simply Superb!!!

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cómo lograron ubicarla ahí, en ese evento deportivo? cómo auspiciadores, patrocinadores, o qué?
buena idea, muy buena

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To me it's distracting for the event and the sport itself.

There should be regulations banning these kinds of placements... because what comes next? A media company that will sell the space to any crappy advertising and it's always going to be junk from now on...

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I agree that it distracts from the sport, but if they agrred to sell the space I would have done the same thing.

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Imagino solo los que saltaron fueron al acuario. Quien más pudo verlo???

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yea. excellent work
jawesome haha
but i think mapliopl is right.


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I agree that it is awsome - awsomly executed, but as for the placement I am not so sure. I disagree with salet and mapliopl - people come to see sport, and this kind of thing can only amuse them, but not distract. my woories are that people will not notice for what the ad is - they will see big jaws and it might bring smile to their faces, but not that it is for aquarium.

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i think people will be curious and will ask and find out what the product is.. its really a good ad.

I hv to disagree. though its pleasant and not distracting, but it "show-steals" the event.. and that is actually good.. because it's effective! but i think its just bad that people remember zoos rather than olympics when they talk about who won the 100m in 2007.

imagine you are standing with your spouse before the pastor on your wedding ceremony. she's gonna say i do ...
then a streaker walks past with www.godaddy.com written on his back.



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There always has to be some killjoy on adsoftheworld, theres nothing distracting about the ad and besides if it is who cares, its pole vault,i am pretty sure there will be some other drivers to support the medium within the stadium

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"papa...can we go to the zoo next weekend?"

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"papa...can we go to the zoo next weekend?" ...and i also wana c the sharks too !! - okiedokie.

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but advertising a zoo in a sport event?

creative nonetheless.

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just came across this one now... and I CALL BUUULLSHIT! this one clearly NEVER has been done in real. s&f would never have the balls to actually come up with creative advertising like this.

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