Zeus: Share your warmth

A social project for "Zeus" Animal Charitable Foundation trying to attract attention to homeless animals. The project was held at Picnic Afisha festival, the biggest and the most popular Moscow festival with a huge amount of social-active visitors.
The team handed people ice figures of cats and dogs. Ice was melting releasing the card with the link to Zeus Facebook page. Later everyone could find his photo with the melting figure in hands on that page with unique “melting” animation.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Moscow, Russia
Creative director: Nikolay Megvelidze
Creative Group Head: Yuri Mikhailov
Art Director: Michael Druzhinin
Copywriter: Svetlana Popova
Digital Art Director: Alexander Lubavin
Designers: Kirill Emelyanov, Pavel Bragin
Photographers: Ivan Otchik, Natalia Eliseeva, Boris Moskalenko
Client Service Director: Ekaterina Guvakova
Digital Account director: Elina Yaroslavskaya
Account managers: Maria Savelieva

September 2013

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