Zebra Crossing Memorial

April 2007

Names of victims of traffic accidents were painted as white stripes of zebra crossing. Watch the making of video as well.

1⁄4 of car accident victims are pedestrians

Advertising Agency: Draft FCB, Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Directors: Luís Silva Dias, Duarte Pinheiro de Melo
Art Director: Hélder Romão
Copywriter: Filipe Graça

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Activity Score 195

read those names too long and you might become the next victim :D

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Activity Score 298

good point... why would you add something that might prevent people from looking both ways?

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Literaly, an idea that left the paper to the streets:

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Trying to save people from getting hit by a car making them distracted while crossing the street?
Very clever!

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Activity Score 294

This is such an irresponsible idea. The creatives should have stopped themselves. They were supposed to help solve the problem, not contribute to it. How will they feel if someone gets hurt or worse reading this thing? Even a guy in their own video almost gets hit looking down at the names.

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totalement d'accord,
je crois qu'ils auraient dû ecrire ca en de plus grands caractères, avec seulement 2 ou 3 noms de chaques coté, au milieu, le message "1⁄4 of car accident victims are pedestrians" serait ecrit, (toujours avec des caractères facilement lisibles)

totally agree
i think they should have written it in bigger caracters, with only 2 or 3 names by each side, by the middle, the message "1⁄4 of car accident victims are pedestrians" would be written (always in easly readable caracters)
new, young & hungry

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Andreas TM
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If you look at the perspective of the stripes, apparently we have a victim of Photoshop...

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As a pedestrian, I wouldn't like reading something that says "hey you, your life's at risk everytime you cross". I know, damn. Tell it to the drivers!

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I saw this in youtube;
there´s something we can´t see in this photo; the main line isn´t with the names in the middle of the street.
And it´s well placed, not in dangeorus places.
You should see portugues people driving, though! there´s no safe place! XD

Anyway, you´ll see the social reaction at:
As you´ll see, they´ve talked about the same trouble...