Zandu Nityam Churna: Don't push

Advertising Agency: Everest Brand Solutions, Mumbai, India
National Creative Director: N. Padmakumar
Creative Directors: Rupesh Kashyap
Art Director: Nikhil Patkar
Copywriters: Rupesh Kashyap, C. Sricharan
Other additional credits: Cyrus

March 2008


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hehe....way to make fun of the near sighted.

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I swear I see some of the best, and in this case, worst creative from India.

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It's not bad. Kinda funny. Plus once you whack into the door you'll stop and read closer. Don't know if you're reaching your target audience exactly. Maybe stick on washroom doors.

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I would stick it to the side of the door where you should pull, instead of push. You see 'push' from a distance and think it's an ordinary push sticker. Without probably reading the rest when you're up close, you push and get surprised the door won't open. Then you'll probably read the sticker more into detail and you'll notice it's actually telling you NOT to push...

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What if people decided to pull?


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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Then you've got your shit coming out of your mouth.

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Haha! dude, that's a good one!

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jungle boy
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its nice but i really wonder if people will notice it..

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yup dude........the concept is just coooool.......but its difficult to see.....well good job guys

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i would love to see the work from the people that say this is a piece of shit.

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only the pun...nothing more

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