Yamaguchi Osteopathic Clinic: The pressing points

We received the request of the advertising creation from the medical institution named the Yamaguchi Osteopathic Clinic, in order to give young people a positive image of the practice and promote visits, we created a medium which would make it possible to experience pressing pressure points by likening elevator buttons which allow for interaction depending on the strength with which they're pressed to "treatment points" and a college student to "The Thinker" this is used in the elevator of a licensed college near a hospital visited frequently by young businesspeople and students.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Japan
Executive Creative Director: Naoya Hosokawa
Interactive Creative Director: Reietsu Hashimoto
Agency Supervisor: Takaya Maekawa
Agency Producer: Daima Kawamura, Shota Hokama
Interactive Planner: Daima Kawamura, Shota Hokama
Planning Supervisor: Takeshi Kushida
Technical Director: Yasuo Ishikawa
Interactive Programer: Takeru Kobayashi
Designer: Tetsuhiro Sugawara
3DCG Designer: Yoshiyuki Odajima
Photographer: Hiroyuki Tanaka


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Prasad Weerasekara
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Wow... Like...like...like.......!

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nice !

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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I'm not so sure about this. If you keep pressing all these buttons, will you ever get to your floor?

freakart's picture
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agree. And I don't understand the visuals here.



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Very nice. :)

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Fun. But agree with atb2005. It will take you forever to get to your floor.

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The people' reactions are so FAKE

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It's a smart ambient execution and delivers the message; I don't agree with atb2005 since in business centers elevators on peak time you can easily find 5 to 6 people going to 5-6 different floors and hence different buttons will be pushed at the same time; you don't need 1 person to push all buttons to get the message

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