XXL Carwash, The Hague: Care Labels

Do not iron, do not bleach, do not tumble dry. Handle with care, wash at xxl carwash.

XXL carwash has a carwash-lane that uses brushes made of non-synthetic, textile cloth. Therefore cars get a label ‘sticking out’ like they sometimes do out of the collar of one’s clothes. The label on the car is informing it’s owner how to take care of their car. The washing label is a voucher, which gives car-owners 50% discount on all washing programs during a three-week period.

Advertising Agency: Houdini, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Boris Peters, Wilbert Leering
Concept: Arthur ‘T Mannetje, Peter Halma, Sophie Lever.
Art Directors / Copywriters: Arthur ‘T Mannetje, Peter Halma
Released: November 2009


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It's an idea I wish I came up with.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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J Designer
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Me too, That’s the definition of a good design ;)

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good and funny

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Good idea.

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Go HOUDINI! Nice one.

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Brilliant idea!! Keep up the excellent work!

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Good work. Hope to see it next June!

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Nice and Simple

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good work!!

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I think i'l write the same thing on my cat!

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good ambient


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