jmcho's picture
278 pencils

cool. i almost expect the batman signal to be illuminated in the sky.

the.adnerd's picture
160 pencils

great. taxi people must have so much fun.

Rog's picture
6082 pencils

Now THAT'S 4 wheel drive.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

nuclearshower's picture
233 pencils

Ha pretty cool~ but hated the photographer who took the shot

Joe Harris's picture
Joe Harris
176 pencils

hahaha - ivan's been taking photos again...

just kidding man. we all love you;)

jennywhx's picture
1142 pencils

Cool ambient, i almost can imagine a lighting art sculpture with mini.

Have Heart's picture
Have Heart
922 pencils


truecopy's picture
399 pencils

I thought it was CPB work. Great!

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

addyhoch10's picture
2592 pencils

very nice but looks strange from this angle. works best with the viewer in front of it.

Someblokewhowrites's picture
14 pencils

Cool and groovy.

There will be people out there with torch accounts kicking themselves for not thinking of it. Then wondering if they can get away with it.

Jonny Lonestar's picture
Jonny Lonestar
282 pencils

when i first looked at this i immediately thought of the ( light sculpture memorial for 9/11 ), was prepared to go off about it. After looking again, i realize that it is not actually the memorial shining into the sky, perhaps this is one of those great ideas at the wrong time? or is it just me?

Dick Huges's picture
Dick Huges
937 pencils

My name is Dick Huges and I approve this xenon.

mikelite's picture
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damn smart

addyhoch10's picture
2592 pencils

how strong are these lights, can they be seen from afar or just when you're really next to the building?
anyone from toronto who has seen them?

adstrike's picture
334 pencils

the Light for me looks a little bit fake, anyway if this is real and the light is like in the picture is a fantastic ad. Aplausos excelente muy bueno

addyong's picture
155 pencils

two thumbs up... two lights up!

jkschlitz's picture
48 pencils

Oh, are these the new kind of headlights that blind me in oncoming traffic? I hate those with a fiery passion.

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