The Big Melt

February 2012
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In early 2012, ice on the Amsterdam canals began breaking up and melting. This presented us with a unique opportunity to raise awareness on the issue of climate change in a way that hadn’t been done before. In prime spots around the city, QR codes were transferred onto the ice which had a link to the WWF Netherlands site ( and instantly put the issue of climate change in people’s hands. And once the ice started to melt, it was a natural ‘demonstration’ of this problem. There was no media spend, and there are no laws against printing on ice.

Advertising Agency: iris, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Director: Tom Ormes
Art Director: Glenn Doherty
Copywriter: Tom Ormes
Additional credits: GreenGraffiti, Tessa Sosnowy, Mark Brounen, Saskia Baaij, Guillaume Koenig

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Nice thought, probably an experimental try.

Wouldn't people passing by be more incline to scan the code if WWF was "printed" near the QR code.


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