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Weak. Disappointing for this client.

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But compels you to think. That's what's good about this communication.

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buy by bye
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it's a cool idea
me likes

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The 1...


I would say good work. Compelling message.


Thinking what to think

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This is an old ad - has been in ad annuals last year or year before. I think the work is great. Smart use of medium, it's just about raising awareness. How much can any of us do about poaching, other than stop wearing fur?

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so is that the creative dept standing in the shot aggressively "protecting" the animals?

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LOL!!! That's true, nobody will stand like that between two ads.


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I like the idea...but seriously, the execution of these outdoor suxs. I hate to see the people posing in front of the boards. It's so fake!

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Besides, I don´t agree with the idea that I´m the only responsable for the extinction, don´t blame me.

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I love this work. Excellent use of media.

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I liked a lot. Embraces the audience in completing the message.

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I like it also. It really puts you in the middle of the thing, either if you dont want to be part of it.

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very nice. conveys the thought that each person can make a difference.

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“I agree, the solution isn't here either.
it's not like we can physically go there and stand infront of the guns.”

Wow. Way to take the concept literally. The ad isnt asking you to go there and stand between them, its a dramatization of what you COULD do -- stand between them by getting involved. The ads put you in the solution mindset. The call to action is to visit wwfs website or whatever and get involved.

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buy by bye
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that was a reply to someoneelse who said 'this ad doesn't give me a solution'
so i literally explained .. because i thought they took it too ltierally.
read before you comment please.
it is wasting my time

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What are you talking about you said:

I agree, the solution isn't here either.
it's not like we can physically go there and stand infront of the guns.
but this execution makes me more aware i think because it involves some kind of physical exploration.
it's like a gallery, one side gun with men and the other the sweet animals.

What am I missing. This isnt a reply to anyone...

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buy by bye
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i guess you are not familiar with the format of comment page.
if a box is more inwards that means it is a reply to da above comment.
(look at my box now.. it is not on the same starting point as yours)

mr/ms dadada said "Even in this case, the solution is not clear for me, what can i do?"


you are not good with details are you


- "Develop your eccentricities while you're young. That way, when you get old, people won't think you're going gaga." -

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i dont know maybe. I never have a problem understanding anyone elses comments.

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What animals are those in the picture?

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