WWF: Destruction cycle, Cup

Many gunshots, many canons, and more noises of sawing machine. Houses torn down, animals in danger of extinction, forests disappearing EL Nino getting serious. All those things done will eventually harm man himself.

This creative is based on cycle. Paper cup as a special medium is conveying a strong message, that damaging others will be a big damage to human being himself, while the round cup is also a cycled shape.

Advertising Agency: Shunya, Beijing, China
Creative Director: Doze Tou, Joy Liu
Art Director: Guan Zi, Bai Qing
Copywriter: Bai Ping
Released: May 2007


linhua96's picture
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very good,i like it!

puppiepoppy's picture
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Please explain what has 'gun shooting' or 'tank' has to do with WWF? And the lumberjack looks like he's fcuking the chain saw as well.

Fk Mikenj's picture
Fk Mikenj
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nice idea, nice media. I think execution/art direction could be impoved

andrej dwin's picture
andrej dwin
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makes me think of an old old, very old short by MTV where an animated tank standing on a small Earth shoots and get's destroyed by his own bullet.
I enjoy the simplicity of these, though.

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well 'Poppy' the guy shooting a gun is a hunter. So he's shooting animals. Got everything to do with WWF. While the tank..have you ever seen picture of battle fields after a fight from world war 2? Well the land scape gets completely flattened nature or city..so yeah hope this explains it for you.

As for the chainsaw molestation. your absolutely right.

laylowmoe's picture
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You're right on the hunter, but I don't think the tank works. It's more a "peace" message than a "save the environment" one.

raverus's picture
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Great+Nice: what goes around, comes around.

j2mango's picture
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cup is not the right medium

puppiepoppy's picture
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Exactly! Imagine how many cups they've got to waste to bring forward the message. Not to mentioned the wastage of ink and brain cells. I'm sure WWF China would not endorse such ideas (if this is an idea).

teenie's picture
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I hope those cups are made from recycled paper.

yangm2000's picture
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such an old idea!
hey!the idea is from a bottle of Mr.P


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