WWF: Deforested Field

Advertising Agency: Grey 141, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Pedro Cappeletti
Creative Directors: Pedro Cappeletti, Daniel Perez Pallares
Art Directors: Lucas Heck, Eduardo Nose
Copywriters: Marcos Piccinini, Gui Camargos, Paulo Amaral


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Great idea. SImple way to deliver a very strong message.

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This is a great idea.

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Great awesome

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Meredith Singh
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Brilliant. Deserves Cannes Gold. So simple. So impactful. And it couldn't have been done in a better country to deliver the message.

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Meredith Singh
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So... it actually won a gold. and a silver. Well deserved!

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Brilliant Idea.

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in argentina they did a similar idea in which they filled the soccer field with tree trunks at half time with the same message.

i quite like this better, though

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new is better
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de acuerdo había una en Argentina que ganó Ojo de iberoamerica con el mismo mensaje hecho en un entretiempo de un partido...

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