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Biswanath Mukherjee


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lovely... this might have been done in print by monster itself ... but these are so much better..

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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It nice but all its doing is raising the profile of Monster.

If you think about it, if you needed a career change you can't just go on monster and become a surgeon or whatever, you would have to get to University and study etc etc..

not slagging it off as at the end of the day it puts monster out there but the actual thinking behind it is misleading!

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The Consumer

Data shows that most people now look for new jobs on the internet. Online job searches now outnumber traditional ways. is online. You want people to remember your name first of all. you create an ad that stirs them in relevant but new ways.

Most people think they can do more with their talent in their current industry. More people switch jobs within their industry than they do switch across industries/job scope. It's not about a job with a new skill. It's about looking for a job where you can use the skills that you have in a better more productive way. That is the universal insight.

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i see what your saying but like you said most people switch jobs within their industry. Road sweeper to ice hockey player is not same industry. It implies monster can change your career. But thats not the case you can't turn a chief into a surgeon by simply going on monster.

At the same time if you did do the campaign that was more relevant the campaign would be bland and boring and would no way be more effective.

The campaign would be good for a college or University aiming at mature students to sign up and change their career by getting a degree in something.

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The campaign don´t say "quit your sweeping job and become a hockey player". It says "if you don´t like your job, try finding another one with us". C´mon, it´s a good campaign.

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BJ, you're such a bore.
Would it be better if it said "We can slightly improve your career, but don't get your expectations too high."?

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Are you just an idiot or are you one of those idiots who has no clue he is an idiot and spends a lifetime under delusions of intelligence?

The idea is nice, it catches your eye and makes its point rather effectively.

If you want to appreciate good advertising, stop over-analysing. Only bloody wankers do that.

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only bloody wankers who do that are clients and if you ever presented in front of them i'm sure you know that!

I actually quite like it and think it works just comments from some people in my studio which i decided to post to see what the reaction is. I feel they are wrong! i posted it to prove them so!

It a discussion board so no need to be so condescending and question my intelligence.

we all know that some great ideas never make it because the client over analyzes it and chickens out.

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i agree with you. alot of great ideas get stucked just because the client over anlyzes it.

especially when you work on this indone-sumthing country..

end of joy, enjoy

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Didn't mean to hurt your sentiments.
And sorry for questioning your intelligence.

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This is a good concept but I see this execution so often. All vehicle wraps these days have images of people hanging off them. It was a fresh idea a couple years ago but it has little impact now.

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BJ, allow me to introduce to you a new concept that will improve your strategic thinking skills: Parity.

Parity means there is little to differentiate your products and services from your competitors. You can't prove yours is better. You can't say you're cheaper. You don't have a benefit that gives you any tangible edge. You can't adopt a different positioning. You can't even appeal to a different segment.

The only thing you can do is stand out, shout louder, make more noise, so that people remember your brand for your ads and nothing else. That way, when people start to think they might need what you're selling, yours is the first brand they think of.

The easy way to do that is simply increase your media spend. The better way to do that is with great ideas.

That's what's being done here.

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well hello laylowmoe,

another patronizing and condescending comment, if you bother to read the full comments left you would know i like the campaign and think its effective. I was putting comments of what some people had said to see what others thought of this. Thats what discussion boards are for aren't they?? or are they just for patronizing people like yourself who think they are better than everyone and know everything to leave comment like yours above.

You don't know me or what i do so you can drop the art of communication lesson.

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SOMEONE'S being a LITTLE bit defensive.

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i would also check you definition on parity if we are giving out free advise

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SOMEONE'S being a LITTLE bit patronizing.

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I like it. That's the bottom line...

Sometime being simple minded is better.

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esosa osagiede
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Hey guys! the ad is cool but sorry it does not communicate.Laylomoe i think communication platforms like this are meant for people to express themselves creatively.

So cool it on BJ Ok.

basically it's cool

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is it an adaptation? idea not original and just don't know why do they spend money on "expending" jwt india's idea. check out jwt india's work. 100% same idea, better execution than what you are having. waste money and time now. what a shame.

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Fairly funny.

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