Wrigley’s / Orbit: Fresh Breath

Aim: To demonstrate the breath-freshening effect of Wrigley‘s Orbit Ice Mints, in and around popular Ski locations.

Idea: We used giant installations, displaying a face in profile and cleverly positioned them in front of active snow cannons.

Success: The installations were an instant motif of interest for photographers, intriguing many tourists; becoming an attraction of their own. Following the success and attention generated, further installations are planned in various ski locations around Austria.

Advertising Agency: PKP BBDO, Vienna, Austria
Creative Director: Christian Gosch
Art Director: Karl Royer
Copywriter: Christian Gosch
Photographer: Thomas Tatzl

December 2010


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Ivan, why do you censore all the comments on ads coming from DDB Dubai ? Did they ask you, so that anybody criticise their work before Cannes ?

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The client asked the agency if we can disable comments. Not sure what they are afraid of. We're such gentle and kind commenters. ;)

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What's the DDB Dubai issue and for which campaign if I may ask?

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I don't think we should allow work that can't be commented on.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Yep, hopefully Joe gets it up on his blog that the campaign was a rip off, they better not win.

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great idea

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I think he meant the Clorox campaign by DDB, Dubai. Thanks for these links though!

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very interesting. One of joe´s link got nothing to do with this post. This one works because of its location, meanwhile in the commercial is arbitrary.

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Yes, it does. It's absolutely the same idea! Just a different setting.

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I like it.

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Hammad S
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Haha! That's an idea

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Amir Blumadali
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Seems like I saw it before but still good

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