Wrigley's Extra Polar Fresh: Mint Parking Ticket

The challenge was to distribute the fresh mint taste of wrigley’s extra polar fresh not only to the consumer, but also onto everyone's lips. To successfully achieve our goal, wrigley made use of an everyday observation: when you drive into a parking lot, you haven't got a free hand for your parking ticket, so you put it in your mouth. This gave wrigley the idea to create the world’s first flavoured parking ticket. Wrigley printed tickets with a very thin layer of mint and placed them in parking lots. when drivers put the ticket in their mouth, they experienced the fresh flavour of Wrigley's Extra Polar Fresh gum. Drivers had the taste for more, and there was an increased sale of Wrigley's Extra Polar Fresh in stores close to the parking lots. A test-run showed that this promotional idea was well received by consumers and fit for a nation-wide promotion.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Germany
Chief Creative Officers: Christian Mommertz, Sebastian Hardieck, Wolfgang Schneider
Executive Creative Director: Carsten Bolk
Art Directors: Michael Plückhahn, Gustavo Vieira Dias
Copywriter: Isabel Campagna
Group Account Director: Sonja Struß
Account Executive: Silke Joosten
Head Of Tv: Steffen Gentis


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like the idea.

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why would people put the ticket in their mouth while they drive off. Forget all the crap that on the ticket, why aren't they simply putting the ticket in glove compartment. The idea is kinda cute but i doubt its effective

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Nike Diesel
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I also reaaally doubt this has any effectiveness at all.
As a car owner myself I will never put something like this in my mouth. Ugh...

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This is nice. I put tickets in my mouth - so think it would be effective.

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Really nice insight.

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excellent insight

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It just hit my weak spot here! This is briliant!

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done: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/ambient/blistex_rough_car_park_ticket and it's from Düsseldorf as well. Whoops!

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like it!

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mikey mugambi
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Why dont u keep the tickets on the dashboard....thats how its done...Just asking... i hardly observed holding them in your mouth...So no connect..


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