World of Birds: Help feed the birds

Without food, life fades. Help feed the birds by simply visiting our sanctuary.

World of Birds, a bird and monkey sanctuary in Hout Bay, South Africa, relies completely on donations and money collected from entry fees to feed their animals. The objective was to get more people to visit World of Birds during the winter months - a traditionally quiet time for them. So, we came up with an idea that taps into the emotional side as to why people should visit the park - and what better way than to tell the truth: Without food, life fades. We brought this idea to life by creating posters and sidewalk art out of birdseed. The seed would eventually fall off the posters or be pecked up by birds from the sidewalk - showing just how life disappears when food supplies diminish.

Advertising Agency: Fishgate Advertising, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Quintes Venter
Art Directors: Herman Venter, Melissa Maloney
Copywriter: Wynand van Staden
Illustrator: Melissa Maloney
Published: June 2012


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826 pencils


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44 pencils

awesome campaign.

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32054 pencils

Loved it.

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3220 pencils

that's a lot of effort for very little payoff.

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