Worksafe: Body-O-Matic

Unfortunately, there’s no easy fix when it comes to work place incidents. There are no panel beaters, precision painters, restorations or cheap and readily available replacement body parts. When you damage your body in a serious work place incident, the injury is for life. To highlight the consequences of poor work safety practices, WorkSafe Victoria brought to life the terrifying nature of work place incidents with this striking installation. A vending machine designed to sell spare body parts. The Body-O-Matic.

Advertising Agency: Lifelounge, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director / Copywriter: Daniel Pollock
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: David Ponce de León
Designer: Michael Pham
Model makers: Odd Studio, Sydney
Account Executives: Luke Veale, Richard Hayes

April, 2009


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Interesting. Heads are Wonder what material is used for body parts, that foot seems so real.

I like it.

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maybe the foot is real lol

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oooohhh !! i love it

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i thought this was a scam because that foot looks so real, but then i did some hunting around and it really did run. Nice work Life Lounge.

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si es muy bueno, muy buen trabajo con las partes del cuerpo, el pie se ve muy muy real


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disgustingly cool

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