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Guest rock

nice idea
comes from some1 who notices a lot of stuff for a Bra....

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Hello.I'm working in an ad-agency in Japan.
Mmm...this is a great idea! I love it!
I want to know whether the mountain and the "nipple
" existed since before.

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Lucky to find a place & lucky to have that specific client = Superb combination

Luck is always part of a success advertisement.

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mickey mouse

blah blah blah....

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the hill-boobs dont look big enough.

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David Francis
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The idea comes from the Naked Gun movie. Direct rip off but still good.

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Chico Ribeiro
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Looks fake for me.

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LOVE IT. So will every driver when he pass...

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Just found the original landscape on google map:

Hilarious piece of ambient!

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Well done! How did you go about it??

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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It says "Weimar" on the sign next to the motorway and even in the text. A little klick on Germany, Weimar, and there you go..
I just wanted to know how they look from above and if they really exist.

I things it's a great use of media. Male drivers would def. think about the next xmas gift for their ladies after that sight!

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Has everyone lost their minds?! This is lame at best. It's an obvious thought with an execution that only works for the split second that you drive in line with the billboard. Plus it's for Wonderbra, which should have been long retired (along with Tabasco) in the Scam Hall of Shame. Sorry, it may get a laugh or two but I doubt it will sell any bras, nor worry any award juries, which (and let's be honest) is the only reason it was done.

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just because some people's opinions differ from yours doesn't mean everyone's lost their minds.

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size A


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the voting was probably manipulated.. haha - nice try. look at recent famous ads and compare the number of votes.

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amit parekh
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this is a fake. only guerilla marketing made by some students of the design school in weimar.

if you look at the closeup you can see the front of a motorway sign. if you compare the angle of view with google maps you can't find such a motorway sign (blue).

second reason: in the closeup you can see unplanted ground. in the total view ther is mature weed. in germany it's forbidden by law to place ads near motorways. only a few days a sign could resist if it's removed by the local authorities.

third reason: how is this sign grounded? a baseplate of concrete on a agricultural field is strictly forbidden, too. no farmer would allow this here.

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