Who's Next 2007

September 2007
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Wrangler decided to be in the International fashion show Who's Next 2007 by creating a street visual performance with dummies.

During the two days of the show (7-8th of September) a few hours before the opening of the gates, Wrangler was outside awaiting to surprise the visitors with 60 dummies.

The Saturday 8th of September during the night we took the dummies to the most Parisian crowded areas.

Advertising Agency: TriBeCa, Paris, France
Creative Management: Laurent Valembert, Julien Lardenois
Executive Chief Producer: Benjamin Nogues

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It's hard for the people just passing by to recognize the brand I think. It's obvious only when you take a closer look and people are usually lazy. It's not a bad idea but I wonder how effective it is.