wChat: Door

In traditional days when mobile phone communication was a luxury, friends and lovers alike are very often seen at the door step of houses chit chatting as they catch up on the latest gossips or serenading the lover with sweet whispers. As wChat is a text messaging service where guys and girls can mingle in chat rooms and make new friends in a more modern and convenient way, the agency developed an ambient outdoor creative which depicted a guy and girl at the door step in a very lifelike visual with the message copy ‘Join the H! Community’.

Advertising Agency: Think Associates, Maldives

November 2008


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Has the 'H' in 'Join the H! Community' has anything to do with DHL? Just saying it's quite distracting in this presentation.

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Agreed, the presence of DHL in this comp is distracting.

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Maybe you had to be there.

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They say if you are bitten by a Sumatran Rat Monkey, you’ll become a savage undead creature with huge ears and long tongues. Cheers to Sumatran Rat Monkeys.

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Guest commenter


lol, Peter Jackson's "Brain Dead" was hilarious!

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Yeah the DHL really distracting and confusing.It appear to be too dominont in tne comp. y must we be there? the point is not being there but still get the message.

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Guest commenter

I think its a great ambient ad.

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Mel Guest

I believe this is a photo of the real ad itself, which is painted onto a wall that happens to be under a DHL ad.

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