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It's simple but it will work I'm sure. I like it.

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scary truth...

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makes a point. and would piss me off that someone stuck something in my drink - even if it wasn't anything harmful. would want the bastard to buy me another round, that's for sure.

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would piss you off more if it was some drugs the stuck in your drink.

nice one!

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The best ads are the most simple one. Excellent

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I like it but, who would they choose to do this? I mean do they advertise ''wanted m/f $18ph, to spike
peoples drinks, must have a quick hand and be able to take a punch in the face if caught.''

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hahaha yea i thought the same think too.
i mean those people like should really really have to watch what people do in the bar...then by the time they dont pay attention to their drinks, bam...the umbrella thing is already in...or well..maybe the bartender will do it...

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i liked v. nice


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I wish i came up with it!!!very effective..

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No fixed abode
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This is amazing. So simple and it would scare the shite out of you when you saw what it was. You'd be scanning looking for the person who did it. Engaging

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small size comes in huge impact

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