Warner / Contagion: Bacteria Billboard

Advertising Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Steph Mackie, Mark Biernacki
Art Director: Glen D'Souza
Copywriter: Mike Takasaki
Producers: Beth Mackinnon, Terri Vegso, Liz Walker
Planner: Andrew Carty
Account Executive: Sarah Jawad
Microbiologist, CURB Media: Dr. Patrick Hickey
Production Companies: CURB Media, Untitled Films
Director: Tyler Williams, Dean Vargas

September 2011


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that is effin brilliant !!

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Superb!! I liked the thought and the message.

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Nice idea.

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Well done.

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Love this, new approach to the classic poster-concept

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This is very appropriate for the movie, and very well done. I really like the fact that the video isn't over-done. It just shows the idea.

However, how many "growing headlines" have we seen over the years? Whether it's grass seed, or the rest of the billboard getting dirty –while the words say "clean." We've seen this technique before. A lot.

+ great execution
+ appropriate for the client
- done, done, done


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Bill Me Now
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I hate to "+1" a comment you surely put some time into crafting, but right on!

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Nike Diesel
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simple clever. Congrats

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just Owen
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Not sure, a general passer by would just think it was paint, unless they make a big deal about how its actually mould. The message would only have an impact when its completely covered, for a long time it will just be empty. Too much effort for the amount of response.

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Sure, the cool factor of this idea may be lost on certain passersby, but passersby are only a fraction of the audience who will be exposed to this ad. This video has been making its rounds on the internet for the last couple of weeks---where it has been seen by thousands more. Like ourselves. In my opinion, that sort of response makes the effort more than worthwhile.

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But when they enter it into award shows, I bet it will be in the out-of-home or non-trad categories, and not in any viral video categories. So it should be judged creatively as an out-of-home/non-trad piece.

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You make a good point. But it has gone viral because it is such an novel/awesome out-of-home/non-trad idea. I won't be surprised if I see it pop up at an award show or two.

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Change happens so slowly that nobody would notice it – besides the agency people who took pictures of it for the awards video. And why would anyone even want to take a picture of the word "Contagion" made of mold.

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Well, people usually don't take a picture of mold on their bathroom to share it on blog or sth. But it is a billboard. I'd definitely do that.

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It works for what its advertising. Very nice!

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simply great <3

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Seriously Crazy
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totally relates to the movie, generates curiosity/interest around the brand (in this case, movie), a new medium it!

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Wow, great work!

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