June 2010

Brief: In research, British people told us a packet of Walkers crisps makes their lunchtime sandwich more exciting. But, less than one in ten eat crisps at lunch. We decided to change people’s lunchtime behaviour by proving a simple point – that any sandwich is more exciting with Walkers. And we do mean any.

Creative Solution: Believe it or not, there’s a quiet, little village in England called Sandwich. To prove Walkers can make any sandwich more exciting, we planned a series of surprise events to turn the village of Sandwich into the most exciting place in Britain. The events delighted local people, captured the attention of the nation, and became the focus of a massive social media campaign.

Results: Our online films received 1.6 million complete views, which means Britain watched 3 million minutes of content showing how Walkers made Sandwich more exciting. Sandwich generated £3.2 million worth of media coverage. For the first time, Walkers were given space in the sandwich aisles of Britain’s major supermarkets, helping sell an extra 1.5 million packets of crisps. And we gave the people of Sandwich a day they will never forget.

Ambient advertisment created by BBDO, United Kingdom for Walkers Crisps, within the category: Food.

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Activity Score 1866

I'd wanna watch a video, not photos of happy people. :-/

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If it was a Spanish village called Bocata or a German called Schnitte the jury wouldn't give a shit to even watch the case film to the end not saying about the lions. That's the sad truth. The idea is a poor word pun, nothing else.

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Orchestrated word pun;-)

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Better if you're English. We love crisps with our sandwich!

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@first Guest - True.

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Activity Score 1866

I'd wanna watch a video, not photos of happy people. :-/