Volvo XC60: Ski Boots

Advertising Agency: TBWA\OSLO, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director: Erik Heisholt
Art Director: Eva Grefstad Knudsen
Copywriter: Erik Heisholt
Additional credits: Benjamin Aker, Hedvig Tollefsen, Kjetil Væhle
Released: April 2009

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Good idea.. and I thought it's the actual ad for the car.

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nice !


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every big idea becomes small if nobody recognize it.

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nothing special... basic...

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hhahahaaahaa Fast and Furious

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It's cool from a new media stand point and I bet the client loved it. But does anyone else think it looks like the car was totaled in an accident?

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photoshop-fake? plus it rather looks like an a-class benz.

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They should mention VOLVO brand some where.....Its hard to understand just from the shoe with no name on it.



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A good concept. I think they look hideous but the idea is solid.

We're going to need more lube.

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The boots are NOTHING without the skis. BADvertising. Think again

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holy crap. this is so STUPID!!!!!!
hoe many people saw this, 4?

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its not a Volvo XC60 i cant imagine..

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Not only does this ad look unbelievably fake - I have NO DOUBT these "boots" were not created, but it looks like the car was in a roll over accident.

Unbelievably horrible.

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i thought at first place it was an ad for remote control cars

Stay low, move fast. Kill first, die last. 1 shot 1 kill, not luck, just skill.

matks's picture
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This is highly unbelievable. Looks like a photoshop fake. A "making of" film and more realistic pictures with people's reactions could be helpful. Otherwise nobody buys it.

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Leeds United
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Thanks for commenting, matks. It´s interesting and valuable to see peoples reactions to our work - and usually we don´t comment or discuss our own work. However, photoshopping this idea, and claimed that it was for real would be kinda stupid. So here is the presentation film of the idea. Hope you buy it. Because we don´t do fake ads at TBWA\OSLO. All the best. Erik, TBWA\OSLO.

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Chapulin Colorado
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This is not how Volvo brand "talks"
Volvo = Safety
Sky = Accident

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fromt he pics it lloks fake.
i would like to see a real one of those boots.

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ok it was not faked in anyway, i do respect all the effort, but; i thought it was something about crashing when i saw the thumbnail; because the car looks like smashed or rolled over (even on the full size image at first glance). And i think it would be easier or maybe cheaper to print top shots of the car along with the Volvo logo to the board (or ski ) rather than boots.

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