Volvo: Drive Challenge

Advertising Agency: Fuel Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Team: Pedro Bexiga
Creative Directors: Pedro Bexiga
Approved By: Aira De Mello
Account: Marta Kadosh
Production Company: Mindshare
Editor: Will Mazzola
Digital: Euro Rscg 4d
Digital Developer: Ricardo Gavinhos

February 2010


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If these results were correct, then really bravo for the idea

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brilliant!!! like the big idea with this...

- Life Feeds on Life -

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Love it! A nice example of putting your money where your mouth is! With a smart use of media. But could you expect something else from an agency that is called Fuel?! ;-)


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ok...i like the idea. and the product must be really good. and it;s a good thing that volvo challenged the lives of 3 people to prove a point. this ended well, but from lisbon to paris...is quite a drive...if anyof them would have fell asleep or something...what then? their families would have seen live via the camera that followed the drivers the drama. i not sure a lot of clients are willing to take on a risk like that....

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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What if a perfectly planned photoshoot ends up with two of the models getting slaughtered by a blue eyed gorilla with a butchers knife that has escaped from a zoo on the other side of the world before he could get shot by a tranquilizer gun?

Sometimes clients have to show some balls to be remarkable! :-)


Hate advertising? Make better ads.

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Why the cythar music in the background?

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been done on top gear

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