braindrain's picture
240 pencils

Nice thought, although I remember VW getting busted for an ad that showed the Toureg pulling a camper that it turned out it couldn't pull.

knutt's picture
8 pencils

I like it, but it's better without touareg and logo on the plane..

the_ashlands's picture
1394 pencils

i second that...tag and logo would have been much better suited elsewhere...maybe top left

rubberstamp's picture
66 pencils

yeah logo on the plane is slapping someone and abusing them too...

astromax's picture
10 pencils

i agree. the logo is overwriting and didactic. i don't like this ad at all...nothing so special, nor original!!

Mo's picture
648 pencils

Why the logo is there? Weird. Didn't make sense to me.

popdistortion's picture
1594 pencils

Nice if they really did it but the ad itself is not that great.

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250 pencils

I think its too forced, a bad direction of dramatizing the strength of the car... maybe if the plane wasn't so obvious the ad would have been better... coz the photo looks so real and lost the dramatic sense... and ofcourse this would never happen in reality...
seen better, actually excellent ads for Touareg!

Ranker's picture
18 pencils

This is ridiculous. VW would have never approved such a wrong idea.
Im pretty sure this is the work of some student who is discovering how to use Photoshop.
I'm not even ranking it.

fifthbullet's picture
188 pencils

what makes u guys think this is an ad?
google "touareg+747" will lead to over a million sites that talk about this event
and i surprise that someone suggest the logo to be elsewhere...

ridiculous is the one who did not do homework and comment.

AdDavid's picture
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this is an event n was shown on TV. good PR exercise.

maheshthampi's picture
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nand kishore's picture
nand kishore
95 pencils

itz ok considering SUV.

Capitalist's picture
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"We open on an air-port, all of a sudden we see a 747 reversing towards the take off area or we see
the plane picking up the speed almost as if it's going to fly off in reverse...as the camere zooms
out we realise that...the plane is being pushed by a VW Touareg" I think i've seen an ad like that..
probably ten years ago...now about this one...whether it's an ad or not...It has been done before.

Justin's picture
176 pencils

Yet another hyperboly on strength, nothing new.

Feels contrived, and not very appropriate.

val's picture
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nice but somebody said that this was done by top gear,so it's was their idea,and the agency
didn't really do this.

purplesimon's picture
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Ok, once and for all: this is NOT an ad.

Here's a news story with the same photo on: http://www.askaprice.com/torque-article.asp?article=VW_Touareg_tows_Bo....

It was a PR stunt done at Dunsfold Aerodrome, where the UK television programme Top Gear is filmed.

Who owns the rights to this photo? Or was it from a Royalty Free website?

ChrisHaycock's picture
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I can confirm that the news story we ran on our site as mentioned on the post above was an official press release from the Volkswagen Press Office.

The photographs (one of a series of 4) to accompany the story were released copyright free for editorial purposes only.


Chris Haycock
Online Marketing Manager

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Lakshman Khude
8 pencils

its repetaition of range

sony_bpp's picture
2 pencils

It's great to watch this...very nice!!!!

njae's picture
68 pencils

the idea's over-exaggerated. but ranker's got issues. so sure of yourself and shit. its depressing. piss the hell off small fry.

picturejockey's picture
658 pencils

"The car comes with a tow bar that can come very handy while at the airport..."

thecopyshop's picture
26 pencils

All said and done this drew so much of comments. VW can be happy.
I too agree there's noting new to it. Just anybody's thought.

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